About me

Claudia Wollny

Study period and profession

I studied German, Italian and Indonesian at the University of Cologne. In 1990, I started my professional career at the "Lingen-Verlag" in Cologne (among other things Superlearning language courses) and then in "Reise Know-How Verlag Peter Rump" (Bielefeld) as a lecturer for languages. There, I was responsible for building up the „Kauderwelsch“ ("Gibberish") series for which I have proofread over 100 languages. From the beginning I have layouted, illustrated and was author by myself. So I wrote the volume "Tedesco" (German for Italians) for the „Kauderwelsch" series. As a freelance editor, I adapted the Italian volume for the "Assimil Verlag“ (publishing house, Cologne). For the Greek-German Society of Urology, I have published a jubilee volume containing a small Greek language course. Lectures (partly inclusive illustrations) were added for the needlework publishers "OZ-Verlag / Christophorus" and "Frech-Verlag / Topp.“ The "OZ-Verlag" published my two books "English Paper Piecing" and "Patch Easy" under my maiden name. In addition, many years I produced a medical journal layout ("Forum Sanitas").

Since 2015, I issued my books in my own publishing house "Claudia Wollny Edition." So, now I am editor, author, illustrator and layout artist. And that's a lot of fun!

Here are the main topics of my publications:

Tablet Weaving
Tablet weaving is a passion that will consume you, once you have started it. That also happened in my case. Some years ago, I came by happenstance onto this ancient handicraft, which was at that point unknown to me. As an editor for among ­other things, needlework, I was highly challenged to find out about this technique, how it works and what secret beauties might emerge from it. I wanted to work on a contribution to make this magical handicraft more accessible to persons who will thrive on it. Tablet weaving has the intrinsic quality to oc­cupy an important spot among all modern handwork ­techniques. Its fascinating complexity offers many possibilities in creat­ivity and application.

Kumihimo is pure meditation! It belongs to the large group of braiding techniques, which include braiding with free ends and loop braiding. I have published some video tutorials for braiding on the Marudai, which you can find in the "Videos" section as well as on my YouTube channel. You can find more information on my website www.kumihimo-art.com.

Patchwork and English Paper Piecing
Patchwork and English Paper Piecing has been holding my breath for over 20 years and keeps me capturied. I have published two books about it: "English Paper Piecing" and "Patch Easy." Many samples and ideas can be found on my website for English Paper Piecing. Additional templates and template packages you get here as a download.

Life is serious enough! A thing of my heart is the booklet "Kroko and Tatù." Here, the relationship between crocodile ("Kroko") and handkerchief („Tatù“ as a shortened, not existing word for the German word „ Taschentuch") is illuminated with humor, which could not be more different and yet simply belong together! That which is really important in a relationship can be told in a few sentences and read between the lines. They both need each other, that's very clear here! (Note: This book is only available in German.)