Errata for my Book "English Paper Piecing"

The following errata affect my book "English Paper Piecing"
(ISBN 978-8410-6081-5)

> Survey of the symbols used and the scheme of my templates

• Regular pentagon no. 35
Ironically, at the regular pentagon No. 35 (ball) an error occurred. It is only minimal, but still apparent. You will receive the corrected PDF as a free download.

• Book page 28 (cosmetic bag)
In the left column (material), the iron-on volume fleece must be twice the size, not only 21cm x 21cm, but 2x 21cm x 21cm. Under “cut secttion" (middle column), it is then correct.

• Book page 48 (POTC, 1st edge finish)
The margin templates for the 1st margin end of the patchwork of the crosses block (book page 48) are wrong. Instead of No. 15/15-rev and No. 18 B, No. 15 B / B-rev and No. 18 C must be used.
If you have already obtained the "wrong" border templates, you can still use them, if you use the new long hexagon No. 23 B as a corner template. Here I present them as a download. I only drew it for the edge length of 25 mm. I would not sew the pattern larger.

Option 1: No. 15/15-rev and No. 18 B replaced by No. 15 B / B15-rev and No. 18 C.
Option 2: Don’t use corner template No. 18, but the new template No. 23 B.

• Pages 64-69 and 70, Template No. 2 B
Template No. 2 B is a little too big. Here is the correct template for all edge lengths.

Patterns "Swirling Dragon", "Windmill Blades", page 70
Model "Sewing Bag with Pincushion and Case", page 64-69

• Book page 77, Cornflower
For the cornflower pattern on page 77, the diamond No. 9 fills the gaps. However, it is No. 11.
For the pattern you need: No. 24 G (octagon cornflower), No. 37 B (pentagon cornflower), No. 11 (rhombus between the cornflowers), No. 24 (octagon for filling between the cornflowers) – all templates in same edge lengths.