English Paper Piecing

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Print and cut out templates in different shapes and sizes!

Here, I provide a layout of different templates you can print yourself. You will receive a PDF with several pages. Each page features a variety of templates (for details see product images).

1) Print the desired page on craft or photo paper in any color. Recommended paper weight: approx. 160 g / m². Try this out at first, to see if your printer can deal with this paper weight!

2) First, cut the straight edges with a rotary cutter and a quilting ruler on a cutting mat, as used in patchwork. Tip: Do not cut the entire length, but leave the edges. Then cut the smaller edges with small paper scissors.

Downloads with yellow template icons have edge lengths in metric units (mm), downloads with blue icons have edge lengths in inches.

• Templates in metric units (mm) are DIN A4 paper size.
• Templates in imperial units (inch) are US Letter paper size.

• Always print the PDFs with the option "Do Not Scale" / "Actual Size"!
• Last but not least: Note the explanations for naming, symbols, and measures on the templates in the ... 
• More on the ...